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My GoodReads profile: I'll be posting book recommendations here—mostly for romance and historical research books, but probably also for whatever I'm reading that I like.

As of March 2014, I've mostly switched to Visit me there.


A few links of interest:

Comics by Kate Beaton. She is a fabulous artist, and a lot of her comics have historical subjects. Plus, they are hilarious. Here is a great one about Jane Austen, and here's one about George IV that cracks me up every time.

The titles of all the books published by the Minerva Press. Some of these names are amazing: The Rake and the Misanthrope, for example (that is a romance I would read!), or Vicissitudes Abound, or The Polanders, the Lying Family, and the Life of my Uncle, with his Portfolio. Some of them don't seem that great...until you click on them and see the subtitle. For example, this one appears in my book: Chronicles of an Illustrious House; or the Peer, the Lawyer, and the Hunchback.


My critique partners, the fabulous Demimondaines

Alyssa Everett
Susanna Fraser
Charlotte Russell
Vonnie Hughes

More links and historical tidbits coming soon.


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