Funny search terms: October 2015 – Jan 2016

These are all terms people searched for that somehow brought them to my site!


download romance novel sweet disorder by rose lerner [fuck you pirates is all I have to say about that. October was a sadly unfunny months for search terms!]


one special feature like thorn prickle in lilly
today hasband looking waif sex brighton [???]
petticoats that rustle
how many books has theresa romain written [9 not counting novellas, if I’m counting correctly]


short story on smell of sweet and sound of coins
forced to be lillie the maid by my wife
who is called as a rough diamond and must first be polished before he shines by dryden? [answer: chaucer; honestly dryden really embarrassed himself with that one]
turkey with pineapple recipe [I include this because I have no idea how this brought anyone to my site, I would NEVER cook that]


i never eat muscatel grapes meanimg [answer: it’s a quote from the count of monte cristo]
meaning of a man ain t nothing but a man [i get this one all the time! how many people are googling this and why??? it just means that a man ain’t nothing but a man, it’s not code!]
putting butter choclate on breasts kissng story [BUTTER CHOCOLATE????]

Facebook party mini-stories

1. Callista suggested: “Pick your favorite couple and have them be transported to today!”


The shop-girl regarded him tiredly. “Okay, I’m sure this reenactor thing is really fun for y’all, but there’s a line. Would you like to order a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, please,” Lydia said, but Ash put a hand on her arm.

“How much is it?”

“For what kind?” At his blank expression, she prompted, “We have drip, lattes, mochas, cappucinos…”

“Cappucino,” he said, because he liked the word.


“Two shillings and…?”

The girl rolled her eyes. “Two pounds and sixty pence.”

Lydia’s eyes went round. Ash smiled pleasantly. “Not today, thank you.”

“Inflation, right?” the shop-girl said sarcastically. “Look, I won’t tell the Historical Accuracy Police if you use your credit card, I swear.”

Ash’s eyes gleamed. “What’s a credit card?”

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LISTEN blog tour: The Romance Dish!

blog tour

Today I’m at the Romance Dish talking about my favorite makeover scenes from Dorothy Sayers to Brooklyn Nine-Nine! (And giving away an e-book.)

And to give credit where credit’s due and also offer you more delightful romance, here are links to the posts those GIFs are pulled from:

Iron Man


12 Monkeys

Brooklyn Nine-Nine makeover

The dancing one I found on some GIF compilation site and their link to the original post was broken. :(((( If you know of a GIF set of that moment I’d love to see it!


Full blog tour schedule w/links.

Cakes and Ale holiday recipe linkspam!

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So at the Cakes and Ale facebook party, I asked everyone what their favorite holiday food was. I’m looking at this list, getting hungrier and hungrier, and Mary N. said, “I’m going to need a recipe compilation!”

YES, I thought.

So here it is! The holiday recipe linkspam. I’ve tried to find a recipe that looked both easy to follow and more or less like what you were talking about—if I’ve linked to a recipe that isn’t at all what you had in mind, I’m happy to replace it if you sent me another one!

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